Assisted Living Facilities

General and professional liability coverages are provided for assisted living facilities and Group Homes in Florida. We have introduced recently an administrative procedures protection cover that can be added to Elite’s general and professional liability policy by endorsement. The endorsement covers fines and penalties levied by any government agencies, loss of income from suspension of payments, and defense cost.

Insureds are stockholders in the Company.

Easy Online Application

The Elite Underwriters product design is simple and was adapted to be offered online. Prospects and Insureds can click on the ‘Get Quote’ button shown on the bottom of page to get a quote.

No Deductible

There is no deductible under our policy. Therefore, every legitimate claim is paid from first dollar. The insured is not responsible for any part of the claim up to the policy limit.

Claims Administration

Our claims administrators are experienced, aggressive, efficient, and work hard for the insured. Their philosophy is to settle those legitimate claims as quickly as possible and to fiercely defend those that have no merit.

Sensible Limits of Liability

Elite Underwriters offers low limits based on the premise and actual experience that higher limits attract aggression from plaintiff’s attorneys. The attorneys are more inclined to file suit and make high money demands if the limits of liability are excessive because they benefit more financially from these large limits. While Elite Underwriters’ policy limits are low, they are adequate. The experience shows that claims are settled well within Elite Underwriters‘ policy limits.

Risk Management Assistance

When incident reports are submitted to Elite Underwriters (via its Claims Administrators), where necessary, advice is offered to the insured with respect to their systems and procedures, or lack thereof, with a view to improving their risk management and loss prevention mechanisms. Additional third party risk management services are also available.

All Insureds are Stockholders

The Risk Retention Act 1986, under which rules and regulations our ALF policy falls, stipulates that all insureds of a Risk Retention Group must also be shareholders. Therefore, all applicants for insurance must also make subscription towards stock. The good news is, because of the Risk Retention Group strong financial condition, effective from June 3, 2013 new insureds can effect their liability insurance without having to pay any capital for their Class C shares.

Sensible Limits | No Deductible | Easy Online Application