Homeowners Insurance

Policy Features

  • HO3, DP3, DP1,
  • Course of Construction HO3
  • Limits from USD 500,000 up to USD 25,000,000 TIV
  • Primary / Secondary / Seasonal Occupancies
  • All construction types
  • Protection Class 9 & 10
  • Minimum Premium: $2,500.00
  • Commission 8%
  • Optional Additional Coverage͛s available:

Ordinance & Law/Replacement Cost on Contents/All Risk Contents HO15 Amended or Increased special limits of liability/Extended Replacement Cost/Business Personal Property / Home

Business/Special Computer Coverage/Mold Limitation/Water Back-up/ID Fraud/Personal Injury

Loss Assessment/Watercraft/Golf Carts/Inflation Guard/Refrigerated Property

7 reasons to protect your home

  1. World-renowned claim service. Our highly skilled, empathetic claim service professionals are available 24/7 to respond quickly to a covered loss Ͷ and throughout the entire claim resolution process.
  2. Complimentary home appraisals. To help you make sure you have appropriate coverage at the time of a claim, a Chubb appraiser can visit your home and estimate the replacement cost.
  3. Specialized experience. Our appraisers have backgrounds ranging from historic homes and preservation to architecture, fine art and interior design. They can offer security and fire prevention advice and suggest ways to help protect your home and possessions from damage.
  4. Extended replacement cost. Chubb will pay to repair or rebuild your home after a covered loss, even if the cost to do so exceeds your policy limit.
  5. Optional cash payment. If you decide not to rebuild after a total covered loss or to rebuild in a different location, you can opt for a cash payment. Also, we won͛t require you to replace an item that͛s lost, stolen or damaged; you can choose to receive cash instead.
  6. Rebuilding to code. If you rebuild your home, expensive upgrades may be required for things like plumbing. Chubb will pay for necessary expenses to bring your home up to code after a covered loss.
  7. Coverage that keeps up with the times. You may not have enough liability protection to keep pace with your asset growth or current litigation trends. Chubb offers liability limits up to $50 million. If your family travels often, kidnapping is also a concern. Chubb can help defray expenses to return a loved one. And since identity fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in the U.S., Chubb offers coverage for costs to restore your good name and access to a leading identity theft resolution service.