Commercial Auto

We have access to Commercial Automobile Business with admitted and surplus markets.

Coverage includes: Fire, Theft & Collision, Motor Truck Cargo

Classes Available:

  • Primary Motor Truck Cargo Insurance
  • Excess Motor Truck Cargo Insurance (Including excess of Domestic Carriers)
  • Contingent Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Elite Underwriters has access to London Markets providing Comprehensive Inventory Coverage (Dealers Open Lot or Floor plan where the Insured is a Financial Institution) for Dealership or Financial Institutions of all sizes, but also lead the Broking Market in providing innovative coverage for Products sold by the Dealers Finance and Insurance Departments. These coverages include, but are not limited to:

  • Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) Coverage, which pays the outstanding amount on a loan, or lease where the automobile is either written off or stolen.
  • Contingent leased auto coverage (both short term and long term lease).
  • Coverage for a variety of Guarantees/Warranties providing Benefits to an Automobile Owner (or Dealership) when a vehicle is stolen and totaled (or not recovered).
  • Tire and Wheel Coverage which cover repair and/or replacement due to Road Hazards.
  • Paint/Fabric Protection
  • Protection against Windshield Repair and “Dent and Dings” to bodywork Not only can we effect coverage for the above described (and other) products but where required can arrange full administration of both Premiums and Claims in the locality required.

Automotive Services

Elite Underwriters offers coverage tailored to the needs of the automobile services sector. Elite Auto Service Plus product provides specialized coverage for real and personal property, business income, employees’ tools, garage liability, garage keepers’ physical damage and insured! s own autos. Whether a single location or many, Elite also offers enhanced property coverage, including equipment breakdown and umbrella limits to suit insured! s needs.

Elite Target Private Auto Market

  • Same as target market home client (business owner, professional or executive)
  • Typically insuring 2 or more vehicles
  • Cost new of $30,000 or more for at least 1 vehicle
  • Drivers have clean or nearly clean driving records Agreed value and full coverage on the majority of vehicles